Adani group – from a trading firm to a leading conglomerate

The Adani Group has become a known name in the business industry with its strong presence in various business verticals such as power, energy, oil & mining, logistics and infrastructure. The main behind the success of the group is Mr. Gautam Adani – the person who founded the company in 1988. Established at the trading firm, the company’s key person is a synonym of the company’s name – all credit goes to Mr. Gautam Adani who has become a classic example of a success story that inspires millions with similar aspirations. Another example of inspiration is Mr. Rajesh Adani who has been in the journey of Adani’s success since the beginning.

Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani should be attributed to the success of the Adani group as they have been the key drivers of the journey, from a trading business founded with Rs 5,00,000 to the conglomerate with current revenue of almost $6 billion. Without any doubt, the journey wouldn’t have been the as easy as it looks. The group has been full of twists and turns. However, the visionary Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani, who has a proactive and personalized approach, bring lots of experience and knowledge about the industry to face the odds and overcome all the challenges.

The business Interests of the Adani group was spread from Power, to Infrastructure, Trading to Real Estate, Energy Logistics to SEZs, and Oil and Gas Exploration. Both Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani have ensured that the best business strategy and plans are executed to reach the level it is today.

The businessmen from Gujarat can be termed as self made multi business men, who focused on plain business and nothing else. With the leadership of Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani, the Adani group has begun by changing its brand identity, and perhaps indicating that the group is poised for further transformation. At this point of time, the company was on the threshold of the third phase of its growth.

With the focused objective of producing 20,000 MW of power, handling 200 million tonnes of cargo at our port in Mundra and minning 200 million tonnes of coal and other ores, Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani are confident in delivering the best result for the company and the country.


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