Adani aims high

Mr. Rajesh Adani is associated with the Adani Group, a global integrated infrastructure company with revenues of over $8 billion for financial year 2012. Since its commencement, he is responsible for the operations of the Group. Also, he’s responsibility is to develop the business relationships for company’s expansion. The company aims to attract and retain talents who can contribute in building the company’s business strategies and growth.

The competitive spirit of Mr. Rajesh Adani and visionary Mr. Gautam Adani can be credited for winning many awards for the company, the latest being the ‘Best HR strategy in line with business’ award at the 3rd Asia’s Best Employer Brand Awards at an award ceremony held in Singapore in 2012. This and many more awards bring recognition to the successful alignment of Adani Group’s HR strategies that helped to achieve an integrated model, well adapted to the challenges of the infrastructure emerging economies.

At the group, Mr. Gautam Adani serves as the visionary Chairman, supported by Mr. Rajesh Adani, the Managing Director at Adani Group.  Considering the current and future growth & sustainability of the business, as a group, the management of Adani Group is channelizing the energy & efforts towards building organisation as well as people capability. Recently, Adani Group also launched several entrepreneurial and transformational leadership development initiatives.

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