Rajesh Adani ensures growth for Adani Enterprises

Mr. Rajesh Adani, who is the Managing Director in Adani Enterprises Limited and Adani Power Limited, is a confident and a catalyst in the rapid expansion of Adani Group, the leading conglomerate that was one of India’s leading business houses with revenue of almost $6 billion for financial year 2011. His association with the group has been since its establishment.

Attributed to Mr. Rajesh Adani’s confidence and powerful management, the business of this company has grown exponentially. He stands strong in his philosophy stating: We live and work in the communities where we operate and take our responsibilities to society seriously. He believed that the growth of India’s middle class is essential for the company’s success. The reason is that with their demand for goods and services, the need for the nation’s infrastructure, in terms of ports, power, water and transportation was identified.

Mr. Rajesh Adani and his elder brother, Mr. Gautam Adani considered all opportunities as a stepping stone to become a leader in the energy and infrastructure markets.

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