Adani’s Mundra Port

Every port has its own feature. Even Mundra has. It’s the deepest in India and designed to serve cargo that only it can handle. Mr. Gautam Adani acts as the chairman as this company, one of the important revenue-earners for the Adani group. Mr. Rajesh Adani is also associated with this group since its inception and helped the firm to grow at a level it is today.

It is closer to the northern hinterland and has less steaming distance from the Red Sea and the Gulf, Adani Group’s Mundra Port is far more strategically located than other ports. Even though it is a marginal advantage, it should get the credit.

Besides, the real and the biggest advantage that Mundra has is its ability to service large vessels. Mr. Gautam Adani who has run the Adani business for over 33 years, has ensured that the best service and equipments are available for the best delivery possible. Also, Mr. Rajesh Adani has contributed towards the growth through his proactive and personalized approach to the business.

Under the leadership of Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani, the projects under developments are Mundra SEZ, SEZ power station, ship building, DCI Silos, Logistics and Dahej Port.

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