The ups-and-downs in Adani Exports

Adani has gained immense fame & recognition in the market during its initial years due to the trading business and the offers provided. Mr. Gautam Adani who the key person behind the success of Adani Enterprises Limited, known as Adani Exports those days, has grabbed all the possible opportunities and risks to grow the business. Mr. Rajesh Adani also got associated with the company since its establishment, managing the business relationship building strategy for the overall development of the firm.

When Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani decided to widen the trading net in 1988-89, people said that this was the second coming in which Adani made his fortune. However, this wasn’t a smooth ride for the Adani brother. In 1990-91, Adani suffered huge losses on exports to Russia. This sudden breakdown forced Adani to close down the offices there. Nevertheless, Mr. Gautam Adani grabbed the opportunity of government’s value-based advanced licensing scheme (VALBAL) to the hilt. This brought about the subsequent successes to his career.

Mr. Rajesh Adani is now looking into the development of strong business relationships. He serves as the Managing Director at Adani Enterprises Limited.

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