Mr. Rajesh Adani on Adani Group’s Corporate Identity

On unveiling the new Corporate Brand Identity of Adani Group, Mr. Rajesh Adani addresses the gathering with his thoughts. According to him, it is the hard work, passion, diligence and commitment of the people associated with Adani Group that has brought the group to this inflection point from whereon they will only grow from strength to strength.

The group’s journey is captured from its respectful start in Ahemdabad to its present international existence with mining assets in Australia and Indonesia. Mr. Gautam Adani, on acknowledging the potential of an integrated business model, mentioned that Adani Group is determined to pay attention to three groups – Resources, Logistics and Energy.  These three clusters will be their key development drivers, ensuring an effective and sustainable future.

Mr. Rajesh Adani further added that their new identity personifies change from the old to the new. The huge worldwide steps taken by Adani Group in a relatively short time exemplifies their understanding in considering big and ensuring flawless execution in order to offer better results in a timely manner. This strong belief is ingrained into all the people of the team.

The new Corporate Identity effectively summarizes the phrase – Thinking Big. Doing Better’. 

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